The Role of an LPA

  One of our LPAs, Rob Knowles, published an article in the Aesthetics Journal on the role of Laser Protection Advisers in the UK. Click here to read it.     Edited with BlogPad Pro Advertisements

X-ray emissions from femtosecond processed materials

  We recently were made aware of a study which investigated the X-ray emissions from a molybdenum target ablated by 35 femtosecond laser pulses – The authors found that the total emission can easily exceed the maximum annual equivalent dose of 1 mSv allowed within 60 minutes of irradiation. The implication is that any laser … More X-ray emissions from femtosecond processed materials

Chairman of the ALSP

If you wish to contact our Chairman, Mike Regan, you can reach him at his Twitter account – @MikeRegan_LPA ‏ Likewise, our General secretary, Mike Murphy, can be found at @DermaLase_Learn  also on Twitter. While the Association’s Twitter account can be accessed at @LaserAdvisers